Unibet Sign Up Bonus & Bonus Bet Codes in 2022, Where did they move to?

Unfortunately since 2019, first deposit bonuses or signup offers are no longer allowed to be offered to the public, this includes the Unibet sign up bonus. This is an Australian wide law and applies to all betting sites. But have no fear, marketing budgets of betting sites have been pushed to their promotions which can be accessed from your registered account. To view these promotions, logon to Unibet Australia’s website and go to their promotions page. If you need an account sign up here.

Despite the fact that the Unibet deposit bonus upon signup has been axed, a wide selection of different promotional offers as well as bonuses are still available at Unibet. You may have to use these on specified event or tournaments, however they are worth it. Go check them out on the Unibet website, on their promotions page after logging in. These offers are available for anyone who clicks these links directly from Bonus Betting Sites. You don’t need to use a Unibet bonus code.

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For a full guide on Bonus Bets from the best Australian betting site, follow the link.

Bonus Codes For Unibet

Looking for top Unibet promo codes and bonus codes available online? You can definitely find what you’re looking for here at the Bonus Betting Sites. Here, you’ll have access to features offered by one of the most reputable sites in Australia.

To sign up with Unibet, just click any of the links here on the Bonus Betting Sites. You no longer need a Unibet bonus code. Just read our review of Unibet’s promotions about Bonus Betting before placing any bets!

Unibet offers several types bonus bets to members on all the major racing events, definitely worth the sign up. Their racing bonus bets from their promotions are easy to use and will definitely add to the punting fun! Sign up and check their promotions pages for bonus bet offers.

It is always a good idea to regularly log in and check available bonus bets offers and any bonus bets you won and didn’t realize you had, don’t miss out on the available offers and bonuses you are eligible to use.

Unibet Bonus Bet Offers & Promotions

The Unibet sign up bonus is no more, but you can find some of the best racing offers and promotions on the internet at Unibet. In the past, Unibet used to focus mainly on sports promotions including multi boosts as well as refund bets, however they gradually revved up their horse racing offers as well, with a huge selection to choose from.

Details on the offers available are in the promotions pages, whilst info on how many you have available every day can be found in ‘The Vault’.

Horse Race Betting Promotions

There are several Unibet racing offers and promotions punters can choose of, so be sure to check them out under your account’s racing specials tab which can be found from the promotions page.
Here is a brief overview of Unibets bonus bet offers:

Bonus Bets For Second or Third
After checking their promotions page you can check out any offers regarding bonus bets back if your runner comes 2nd or 3rd.  These are available for large track meets on the weekend and often during the week.

Unibet Uplift
Boosted odds on any horse selected for  Race 1 amongst  every thoroughbred race meet in Australia every single day (unless otherwise specified on the promotions pages). Max bet up to $250

This can often be for whole race meets on the weekends. Definitely worth checking out for the highest odds in the market. Click on their weekend racing specials from the promotions page.

Don’t miss our enhanced odds promotions and check out our Promotions Page to find out which events are eligible for Unibet Uplift.   

The UniBoost feature is a daily boost allowing betters to boost their odds for any runner they choose.  Currently you have 2 daily boosts available to use with max bet up to a generous $250. For single bets only.

Price Push Specials
These Price Push odds on selected races can be very generous, for example some Price Push Special odds go from $2.5 to $3.5,  a 40% increase! These are available for selected runners only.

This offer is unique to Unibet and is only available every Wednesdays and Saturdays. With, Reboost, you can get enhanced odds on selected races until you finally get a winner, taking it at enhanced odds!  Single bets only.

Jockey Specials
Back your favorite jockeys to ride a number of winners. Available every day.

Mega Multi
This feature allows you to combine a few selected horses at one race meeting and do it on enhanced odds.

Head To Head
Want to bet on your favourite jockeys? You can get a bet refund if you don’t get at least one of the two jockeys you select must finish in the top five.

Dead Heat Payout
Never get ripped off by a nose again with the Dead Heat Payout from Unibet.

If your pick ends in a dead heat win on any bets you place on Thoroughbred, Greyhound, or Harness race, you will receive the fixed odds dividend in full.

Unibet Protest Payout
This applies to both local and international Harness and Gallops races, fixed odds wins only. If your runner gets comes first but then gets demoted after a protest, you will still get paid out as the winner.

Unibet Owners Payout
If you register your selected horse (or greyhound) and place a winning bet on it, you will get an added 15% on top of your total winnings, amounting to up to $3,000!

Unibet Uplift Promotion

Unibet Punting Experience Tools

Live Streaming
Unibet covers an outstanding 165,000 events every year LIVE, including LIVE streaming on selected racing events—The Melbourne Cup, The Doncaster, The Everest, The Kentucky Derby, and many more!

Unibet Expert Edge
Additionally, with Unibet Expert Edge you get information to help you decide exactly where to best place your money.

Bet Live
Place just one quick phone call and you’ll be betting online in an instant.

No doubt about it, Unibet.com.au offers some of the most sought-after products in the industry of online racing betting. Their Unibet bonus bets offers are available to use for all registered users of racing events. Have a bet on greyhound, harness, and thoroughbred racing.

Take advantage of their new racing platform and enjoy a huge selection of daily promotions including Dead Heat, Protest Payout, Totes+ 10%, and Owners Bonus. With their Daily Uniboost, you can also boost your full fixed odds dividend on any runner of your choice! And with the Match Multi, you can get a combination of multiple outcomes from a single event or match! Get the best betting experience.

With Unibet, online betting can be simple, fast, and easy. You can bet all you want and even enjoy Free Live Streams of your favorite events including  The Melbourne Cup, The Everest, The Sydney Cup, even The Kentucky Derby plus more! Bet Live then watch the Unibet TV!

Unibet Bonus Bets Terms & Conditions

Unibet explains how to use their bonus bets on this page. Their terms and conditions can also be found on the bottom of that page, you need to click on ‘terms and conditions’ for the dropdown information to appear.

In short:
Bonus bets received from promotions expire within a week.

Unlike all other betting sites, there are no turnover requirements for Unibet bonus bets!

If a bonus bet wins, you do not keep the stake, only the return. For example, you use a $50 bonus bet on odds of $2, you keep the $50 winnings only, not the stake.

Unibet signup bonus bets are no longer offered as per Australian legislation.

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