Betting Site Promotions

Below are the three best betting promotions that sites will offers you. You will find those promotions on their dedicated promotions page, however if you remain signed up to their emailing and/or SMS list, many betting sites will email/SMS you those promotions every week.

Bonus Bets For 2nd or 3rd Runners

Most sites have the awesome promotion of giving bonus bets (usually up to $50) if your horse, harness, or greyhound comes second of third. There is no doubt that this lessons the sting of your runner just missing out on the victory! Not to mention getting another bite at the cherry with a free bet in the next race. 

Every site is different, some might only give you the bonus bet for second if there are less than 8 runners.  Some sites will only offer a bonus bet for second regardless of how many runners there are.

Also these bonus bets have an expiry date, it depends on the betting site, but 7 days is common.

Boosted Odds

Whether it be the Melbourne Cup, or Golden Slipper or some other major event, most betting sites get pumped up and offer something with great value such as boosted odds on a runner or bonus bets back for 2nd to 4th or even 5th with some sites.

A number of betting sites also offer boosted odds on any race of your choice, adding some great value when your runner comes in for the win.
You may get one or a few of these per day.

Multi Bet Specials

Betting sites like punters to bet on multis. Many with offer you a multi and if one leg loses they will offer a bonus bet! Pretty good deal one could say.